While printing a good banner for your industry, a good choice of colour is equally important along with the texts and fonts. If a nice text is responsible for understanding the aspect of the business, the same way the colours are for understanding the emotion, related to it.

With that said, it is important to choose the colours you use in your banner design quite wisely. The colours may convey more message than words.

Here are top 3 colours that can speak for your business quite effectively


Red is largely used to denote a powerful expression. As an example, if red is used as a background colour consuming the lion part of the image; it would likely to indicate a havoc outburst, edginess or something raw. However, if red is coupled with other complementary colours, it can be a nice conjuncture of colours to make the information of the image stand out. Thus, in many outdoor racing games, we see banners made of red mixed with standard white, black or yellow to manifest the intensity of the race.


Green is often considered to bring an illustration of freshness. It correlates well with brown and other warm tones, it can certainly bring a natural feeling. Hence, for residents and restaurants, this colour would be a good choice.


Blue is generally used to indicate a calm and composure state. This colour option is a just perfect to include in your banner design if you run a textile shop, a spa, beauty salon or massage parlour. Any business that relate with relaxation or ingredients of relaxation, shades of blue or sky-blue would work appropriately.

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